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Water/Mold Mitigation and Remeditation

Water mitigation, disaster recovery

Water Mitigation

Water should be mitigated as soon as it is discovered to avoid mold. After water is pumped out, then the drying process can begin. As a property owner your property insurance requires that you mitigate your damages. This can be done by hiring an IICRC trained and certified professional.

Mold Remediation

Mold can look different based on its location or the type of mold. When in doubt -call us. Hidden leaks can cause water damage inside walls. Water Fire Mold Restoration helps locate the problem and remediate it.

The CDC recommends having a professional handle mold remediation properly. Household cleaners such as bleach do not kill mold.

When water damage occurs it needs to be properly dried within 48 hours of getting wet or subsequently removed, and necessary repairs need to be made to prevent mold from growing.

If mold is identified on materials, appropriate remediation guidelines with proper containment should be used to minimize exposure.

Inappropriate remediation (e.g., painting over water-damaged materials or moldy surfaces) can cause further problems with building degradation and symptoms in occupants.

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